What are Meteorites?

Meteorites are objects of stone, iron or a mixture of both, which have raced virtually unchanged for 4.56 billion years, at minus 270 degrees celsius through space and eternal loneliness. Meteorites are left overs from the formation of our solar system, from the time when the planets and our sun formed.

These rocks from space have traversed distances where every Human Imagination fails, just to flash off as an impressive meteor, fireball or simply as spectacular shooting star in our nocturnal atmosphere.

Fragments that reaching the ground we call meteorites. These fragments then go over private individuals and the so-called "meteorite hunters" into circulation and the public meteorite market.
I personally obtain my goods only from trusted sources, landowners, meteorite dealers, hunters and gem traders worldwide, and can therefore guarantee a 100% authenticity.

Meteorites are among the oldest materials a human being can hold on our planet!

Fascinating objects that leave a piece of space in our living room!

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